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MathXplorer/T provides numerical analysis and visualization capabilities within the Tcl/Tk environment. It extends the Tcl environment with two Tcl packages: Mxt and MxtGr. Package Mxt provides minterp, a command used to create MathViews interpreters. Package MxtGr provides a command graph for creating Tk widgets capable of rendering MathViews figures.

MathViews is a scripting language well-suited for the efficient and compact handling of numerical data. Among other features, it supports:

However, it does not offer any mechanism for building graphical user interfaces. On the other hand, Tcl/Tk is ideal for quickly building small-medium sized graphical applications. Unlike MathViews, it does not have any native support for matrix data types and their algebraic manipulation. The hybrid of the two languages forged by MathXplorer/T therefore makes the strengths of one language available to the other. With MathXplorer/T, Tcl applications can invoke MathViews scripts and vice-versa.

MathViews interpreters perform all computations in the same process and thread as the invoking Tcl process. In order to tightly integrate itself within the Tcl environment, it does not use pipes or sockets to communicate with an external numerical engine.

As noted above, MathXplorer/T functionality is partitioned into two packages. All non-graphical features are available in the Mxt package. This package can be dynamically loaded both into tclsh and wish interpreters. Since it requires graphical resources, the MxtGr package can only be loaded into the wish interpreter.